My Top 5 Healthy Holiday Travel Tips

Hello, my savvy holiday travelers!

Nothing is a bigger bummer than arriving home for the holidays and immediately feeling terrible. So many people get sick after traveling by plane or train – the close public quarters, dry recycled air and the super stressful pace is a breeding ground for germs, exhaustion and a lot of Bah Humbug!

A nasty cold (or attitude) can put a bigger damper on your festivities than a broken string of twinkle lights in the middle of the Christmas tree. But never fear! I have a holiday miracle for you, in the form of my Top 5 tips for staying healthy while traveling.

These simple suggestions will help you stay on top of anything your trip throws your way, from how to keep colds at bay to navigating the dessert buffet. (Except missing luggage, sorry!)


1) Keep (green) antibacterial wipes on hand at all times.

You can get healthy alternatives to the alcohol-based wipes we all know and loathe. Check out brands like Seventh Generation, Honest Company, and EO. The hand gel is nice to have as well, but the wipes are perfectly suited for traveling on planes and trains. Before you settle in for a long winter’s trip, wipe down everything around your seat: the arm rests, the tray table, the seat belt buckle, even the fan and light buttons. The client who tipped me off to this routine never gets sick while traveling, and now it’s my new go-to travel M.O. too. (Psst! Make it yours!)

2) Think ahead before the tummy grumbles.

It’s so important to plan ahead to have a good day of travel. Make some snacks ahead of time, so you’re not stuck eating greasy takeout from the food court. Here are some easy, delicious options: Mary’s Gone Crackers and hummus, crudité, apples or brown rice cakes with almond butter, homemade trail mix, and kale chips. Plus, my favorite, greens!

I like to bring an empty blender bottle when I fly, so I can mix up a packet of green goodness once I’m through security. I love the brand Amazing Grass, and the small packet size is a big space saver. Check out Amazing Grass Raw Reserve in Berry, the Amazing Grass Green Superfoods Packets in Chocolate, or grab a Amazing Grass Green Superfoods Variety Pack.

Don’t forget you can also bring your java fix with you too. We all know the Starbucks line in a terminal can be torturously long, but all planes offer free hot water. Brew some healthy coffee alternatives right on your tray table. I love Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee and their Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix, which are packed with superfoods and adaptogens. Teeccino Herbal Coffee still has the earthy taste of regular coffee but won’t keep you awake if you prefer a little snooze at 10,000 feet.

3) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Airplanes are super dehydrating, so always bring a water bottle with you. I love my Vapur Shades Water Bottle because it flattens and rolls up when empty to save space in my carry-on bag for more fun souvenirs. 😉 More and more airports now have bottle-filling stations by the bathrooms and water fountains, so you don’t have to spend time waiting in line just for a H2O refill.

4) Create a safety net to catch some Zs.

When we travel, we sleep in lots of unfamiliar spaces: guest bedrooms, couches, sleeper sofas, air mattresses, etc. Pair that discomfort with the stress of running from place to place, and it’s a recipe for pure exhaustion. So, good sleep aids should always be on your packing list.

Bring a good pair of ear plugs and an eye mask. It’s not about being a sexy sleeper; it’s about getting sleep so you can be sexy during your waking hours! You may not know how your sleeping arrangements are set up, so you want to be prepared for bad window coverings, weird noises and random night lights.

If you need a “nightcap” to fall asleep, try going the herbal route with Valerian Root Extract or a Magnesium Supplement.

Plus, sleep and water are the best makeup you can ask for. When you are well-rested, you just feel better, and you will interact with your family and friends during the holidays with better focus and presence. If you’re really dreading the ole’ family visit or annual office party, here are three more Holiday Stress Survival Strategies to add to your arsenal.

5) Embrace the season with educated decisions.

No matter how high up your name is on the NICE list, everyone indulges over the holidays. Between all the cheer and tempting treats, it’s not only inevitable you’ll partake in partying, it’s also totally fine.

The goal is to party smart.

First, acknowledge that you’re going to snag some of those cookies your grandma bakes every year or the rum-laden eggnog your cousin whipped up. Then set some guidelines for yourself to help you choose wisely. Stick to the 80-20 rule – 80% healthy choices and 20% holiday goodies.

Have a full glass of water between alcoholic beverages. Avoid sugary mixers and stick to these healthy happy hour cocktails. Choose your food wisely, and savor the little indulgences you do put on your plate. Bottom line: leave the guilt at the door.

No one wants to feel lousy the day after a night out, or feel like they’ve put on 10 pounds in two weeks, so set yourself up for success by planning to enjoy without overdoing it. Even 70-30 is better than nothing.

Pay attention to how you feel. This is true for all of these healthy holiday tips. If you feel like a cold is coming on, it means you need to sleep more and possibly implement a few of these natural cold remedies. You’ll know if you’re dehydrated; you’ll know if you’re tired. And now, you know what to do about it!

What healthy travel rules do you swear by? Let me know in the comments below so we can create our own Plante Lifer list!

LOVE + safe holiday travels!

Moniqua is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Real Food | Real Life Expert. As the Owner and Founder of The Plante Life, she helps women (and a few good men) get their groove on through real food, self care and radical self love so they can live the kick ass, healthy, energetic lives they’re meant to live.