Top 5 Prevention Tips for a Healthy, Happy (and long) Life!

Hello, my vibrant Plante Lifers!

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and today, we’re going to round out our summer subjects and start off Fall focusing on prevention.

Cancer prevention is a topic near and dear to my heart, as I am sure it is for most people. According to the National Cancer Institute, “The number of new cases of cancer (cancer incidence) is 454.8 per 100,000 men and women per year (based on 2008-2012 cases).” So unfortunately there is a good chance you know someone who has been diagnosed with this aggressive and devastating disease. They project a 50% worldwide increase in cancer cases by 2030, but the mortality rate has been steadily decreasing since the 1990s. This is due in no small part to increased awareness, early detection and the promotion of healthier lifestyle choices.

When I say prevention though, I’m not just referring to cancer, I’m referring to any disease, chronic or otherwise, as well as any state of mind (self-doubt, fear, depression) that harms you. Don’t wait until you’re in harm’s way to do something about a bad situation!

There are some very powerful companies out there which prosper when you’re sick or on your way to getting ill, but not so much when you’re healthy and vibrant. So, let’s invest in a positive, bright and healthy future now!

Slow and steady wins the race, right? Well, that old hare who takes his time really knows what’s what. There’s no need to go to extremes to add a little prevention into your lifestyle. In fact, we all know crash diets and intense fads burn you out quickly. Instead, simple and small tweaks to your daily routine will help you stay consistent and reap the long-term benefits of taking better care of your body and mind.

And you know, I’m all about making things fun! Prevention doesn’t equal a destiny of dry granola and monk-like behavior. Fill your time with joy. Try a new class at the gym. Attend a meditation retreat. Gather your girlfriends for a weekly Saturday morning hike. Host a meal prep party. Express your gratitude and kindness to everyone you meet. Smile, laugh and love.

And plan to be here a long time. To help you figure out what to begin incorporating first, here are my Top 5 Prevention Tips for a healthy, happy (and long) life.

  1. Diet is a Big Deal!

    The Center for Disease Control released a study this very week that found that being overweight increases your risk for 13 types of cancer. “These cancers account for about 40 percent of all cancers diagnosed in the United States in 2014.”

    So, it is critical to understand that poor diet affects more than just the numbers on the scale, it leads to unbalanced internal environment that can make you more susceptible to serious illness. Even if you’ve gone into remission, it is important to maintain a healthy diet to prevent the cancer from returning. Eat organic whole foods, avoid genetically modified foods (GMOs) and stay far, far away from processed foods.

  2. Detox Your Body.

    Detoxification is the process of neutralizing, transforming and eliminating toxins from the body and clearing excess mucus and congestion (YUCK!). A crappy diet, slow digestion, a slower colon, a lackadaisical liver, and poor elimination from the kidney’s all lead to increased toxicity.

    Incorporating detox practices into your health and beauty routines are a great way to reduce inflammation and toxicity in your body on the regular. Check out my Top 5 Detox Rituals; these bod-lovin’ practices are gentle too, making the experience calming and fun.

  3. Sleep is Supreme.

    As if we need another reason to curl up under the warm covers this season! Getting enough rest is one of the easiest and most effective changes you can make to improve your overall health. Sleep is important for the recuperation and repair of your heart and blood vessels. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, “Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.” Rest also soothes a weary mind. It’s a combatant of stress and anxiety, improves your cognition and decision-making skills, and improves your ability to learn and grow.

    Plus, it helps with your outer attributes as well! Consistent Z’s help to curb overeating and to maintain a healthy weight. And if it was possible to bottle a good night’s rest into a beauty product, believe me, they would. But you can have the fresh, glowing skin and bright eyes for free just by keeping a consistent bedtime! (Fluffy comforter not included.)

  4. Exercise Is Non-negotiable.

    The human body is built to move. The lymph system bathes every cell and carries nutrients to them while removing toxins such as dead and cancerous cells, heavy metals, infectious viruses, and other assorted wastes. But unlike the blood (which is pumped by the heart), the lymph is totally dependent on physical exercise.

    In addition to being good for your strength and stamina, exercise is key for your heart health, brain health, quality of sleep, overall well-being and yes, cancer prevention! Even if you create a daily practice of squeezing in five minutes of exercise a few times per day, you can begin to see many benefits.

  5. Happiness is the Truth! (Cue Pharrell 🙂 )

    Living your life with gratitude and joy will go a long way in preventing a multitude of diseases and mental issues. There are so many benefits of happiness—you know, in addition to being happy. Instead of focusing on what isn’t working in your life and the world around you, start shifting your awareness to gratitude, appreciating the small, seemingly unimportant things in life. Make it a mission to fall in love with yourself and your life.

    Happiness is choosing to see your life with an open mind—and being open to the lessons that present themselves to you. It’s showing up despite difficult circumstances.

    And, by doing these things, you invite grace into your life. The more consistently you choose happiness, the more you’ll begin to see things change for the better — in ways might not ever have expected. So go on, get happy!

I invite you to join me on Instagram in spreading this important message of simple prevention and joyful whole living. Post a photo of the small steps you’ve been adding to your daily routine and use the hashtag #PlanteLifePractice. I will repost my favorite all throughout the month of October.

LOVE + happy health!


Moniqua is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Real Food | Real Life Expert. As the Owner and Founder of The Plante Life, she helps women (and a few good men) get their groove on through real food, self care and radical self love so they can live the kick ass, healthy, energetic lives they're meant to live.